Ada programming services

About Ada

Ada is a general purpose programming language developed by Pentagon.

Ada was developed with the following main principles (to list a few) in mind:

  • reliable software (that is software with fewer errors and fewer security holes)
  • support for big software, consisting of many interrelated components
  • support for all kinds of devices (including common computers and laptops,
    but also variouos kinds of embedded electronics)
  • high speed and performance
  • good support for multiprocessor (and modern multicore processors) systems

Statistics says that there are 4 times less errors in Ada programs than in programs in other languages!

And speed of Ada programs is comparable with highest speed programming languages such as C, C++, Fortran.

Myths about Ada

Myth 1. Ada is an ancient programming language

In fact this myth is true only for the first version of Ada specification, Ada83 developed in 1983.

But the last specification of Ada, Ada2012 is quite recent modern programming language, with such modern features as object oriented programming and generic types. I’d say it is even “more modern” than most other modern programming languages.

Myth 2. Ada is for big systems only

Yes, Ada was developed primarily for big systems, such as Pentagon’s complicated defense systems. But these “big” features are useful for smaller software programs. They make programming in general more comfortable and more reliable even for common not so big programs. They reduce the time for debugging and thus reduce total development time. This means that I do the same work in less time.

Myth 3. Ada is for embedded systems

In fact Ada is a good programming language for embedded systems (electronics), but it is equally good for usual personal computers. It is just universal.

Myth 3. Ada development requires expensive technologies

In fact, there is a good free Ada compiler (called GNAT), for most modern operating systems. It comes with all software for professional grade programming.

We work primarily with Linux, and yes there is GNAT for Linux.

Ada services

We offer development of any kind of software (especially Linux software) in Ada (software using higher reliability technology!)

Usually high reability software development is costly. We offer the same for the same price as common software development using less reliable technologies. Yes, higher reliability software at no extra cost! Every software project should be done with higher reliability technologies, not only controlling Pentagon’s nukes. There is no reason to use lower reliability tech when we have higher reliability tools.

Be sure that we write software with security in mind. You can be sure there is no shell code injections, SQL injections, missing security signing of HTTP(S) requests, nor other common security holes made by idiots in our software.

Please contact Victor Porton with any project, big or small. We can consider to do it in Ada.

Our qualification

Be sure that Victor Porton (however not a military person) understands Ada much better than Pentagon’s employees. I had the possibility to see a code written by a retired Pentagon employeer. It was really bad. I am clearly better.