Victor Porton provides all kinds of Linux, programming, and Web related services except Flash development and Web design. Victor Porton also does not do Windows-related services. His partner Valentine Kleinburd does also Web design.

We provide the following services:


Victor does all kinds of programming in C, Java, PHP, Perl, Python, C#, D, Ada, XSLT, and other programming languages. (See this page for a list of other languages Victor used to use.)

His experience ranges from creating Web applications, to parsing and converting file formats, to creating GUI applications, to work with Web APIs, as well as other kind of programming.

Note that Victor does Ada programming for creation of more reliable software (statistics says that Ada programs have 4 times less bugs!)

Web programming

Web programming is programming for a Web site. Any Web site more complex than a few pages requires programming.

Victor is an experienced Web programmer, with knowledge of both plain PHP, Perl, Python, and CMSs and frameworks, including:

  • Django (Python)
  • Drupal (PHP)
  • WordPress (PHP)
  • Yii (PHP)
  • Catalyst (Perl)

These systems can be run together with MySQL for which Victor has good knowledge and experience, too.

You may order programming for any of these systems or let Victor choose it for you.

Also Victor knows JavaScript (and jQuery) to write arbitrarily complex programs inside your browser (to interact with server software we write and for other purposes), so allowing to create dynamic, interactive software running inside the browser.

Victor also does XML and XSLT related programming.

D Language Programming

D Language is the only programming system which is both:

  • rapid development
  • high performance
  • increased reliability

Don’t agree for technologies that others offer, choose the best. Contact me.

See here.

Ada programming

We offer development of any kind of programs (especially programs under Linux) on Ada (software with enhanced reliability technology!)

Usually, software development of high reliability is expensive. We offer the same for the same price as ordinary software development using less reliable technologies. Yes, high reliability software without increasing the price! All software projects should be done with advanced reliability technologies, not just Pentagon Atomic Bomb Control. There is no reason to use less reliable technologies when there are tools with a higher degree of reliability.

Be sure that we write programs with security in mind. You can be sure that our programs will not have shell code injections, SQL injections, missing cryptographic signatures in HTTP(S) queries and other common security holes that idiots make.

Please write to Victor Porton about any project: large or small. We will consider the possibility of doing it on Ada.

See also: the Ada page.

Ethereum blockchain programming

  • Solidity programming (Ethereum blockchain programming, such as creating new cryptocurrencies)

I have successfully created several new cryptocurrencies. I can do it for your custom currency requirements, too.

Setting and administering servers

We offer also setting up and administering servers.

Many sites run on simple “shared Web hostings”, but often the features, performance, and security of shared web hosting is not enough for your project. If you provide advanced Web applications, you need your own Web server.

You can order (and get free $10 for their service) your own Web server from our partner DigitalOcean for as low as starting for $5/month.

However if you not a Linux expert, you need help of an expert like Victor Porton, in order to do anything with the server.

We are able to set up and administer Linux and any its components and Linux software.

Linux comes in many different flawours. Victor Porton specializes mostly in Debian Linux. So if you order a Linux server, make sure it comes with Debian Linux installed, for our easier partnership.

Linux and programming consulting

Victor Porton is ready to answer a question related to Linux for as low as $50 per question (you pay only after the answer!)

Victor Porton also welcomes questions about programming.